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Did you know that Cacao beans have a Husk? When beans arrive at our factory we sort them to remove any debris or beans that don't meet our quality standards. The Cacao is then Roasted to enhance their flavor. Once Roasted the Process of Cracking and winnowing begins. In this step our winnower cracks the beans into "nibs" which causes the husk to break apart as well. The winnower then uses suction to separate the nibs from the husks (also called chaff).

These husks and some of the nib are what become our cacao tea. Because during Roasting many of the essential oils and fats from the cacao are absorbed by the husks when brewed the results are a delicious, rich and comforting.

One of our favorite ways to enjoy Our Tea is to make it in a similar manner to those that put butter in their coffee. It's as good as hot chocolate and healthy!

Our Tea is Gluten Free, calorie free, lab tested (for impurity) and has many uses. Over time we will continue to add recipes and uses to this page. Check Back Often!