Phil Pays a visit to Fox 13!

Phil had the chance to share our chocolate and a recipe for mousse using it on Fox13!

Video 1 - Learn our favorite way to taste chocolate. "How you taste chocolate is just as important as the chocolate you taste"

Video 2 - Get the rest of the Mousse Recipe.

Here's the recipe for your to enjoy

Dark Chocolate Mousse

- 16 oz of your favorite chocolate, e.g., Coleman & Davis Matador 75%

- 1 dzn organic eggs, separated

- 180 gr (6.5 oz) cultured unsalted butter

- pinch of salt

Separate eggs.  Beat whites into soft peaks.  Beat yolks until volume has approximately doubled.

Melt chocolate in double broiler or thick copper pan over low heat.  Add softened butter, allow to melt and blend to smooth even texture.

Once the chocolate butter mixture has cooled from hot to warm, fold in the yolks.

Once yolks are fully incorporated, fold in whites until incorporated.

Place mousse in serving dish and refrigerate several hours.  Serve with whipped cream if desired.

You can find more information on our tasting boutique Taste here. 


Click HERE to view it on the Fox 13 website.