Welcome to Taste Artisan Chocolate

Nestled in the shadows of Mount Timpanogos in Downtown Provo, Utah, our journey started as a group of friends with a love of chocolate and a dream to make it in a way that highlights the genetic flavor of the cacao in every bar. From this dream came what you see here. We are excited for you to Taste.

Highlighting the genetic flavors of the world's best Cacao.

it's not unusual for us to create 20 test recipes for any bean that we work with...

We don't want every bar of chocolate that we make to taste the same. Even if we've worked with a bean in the past, each time we receive beans from a new harvest we start from scratch. Because growing conditions change from year to year, so do flavor profiles for those beans. We love the variety of flavors that come through in cacao when treated correctly. The true genetic flavors of each bean are what you experience when you enjoy .

As we source beans from all over the world, we partner with growers and suppliers that are committed to sustainable, ethical growing practices. They take extra care each step of the way to ensure that we receive cacao with unique and interesting flavor profiles. To explore these origins further, click the button below.

Traditional Chocolate Making Techniques Meet Modern Technology

The methods used in chocolate making hasn't changed much through the generations.

We utilize traditional chocolate making methods and modern technologies to craft chocolate that showcases the extraordinary flavor range of the world's best cacao. When you enjoy Taste Artisan Chocolate our hope is that you experience chocolate in a way that you never have before Click the Button below to learn more about our chocolate factory.

Our Chocolate

We are working hard to bring you more bar varieties!  

We are currently working with Beans that have origins in Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Madagascar with many others on the way! Click below to learn more about what we have to offer as well as what we have in the works!